RedHook ‘Turn Up The Stereotype’

Sorry it has been a minute or five. I am horrendously understaffed, with various people engaged in the activity of holidaying (what the fuck even is that?) around the Glastonbury period, or indeed going to Glastonbury as the de facto form of holidaying. There is a strange workload-related dichotomy that typically ensues in such lull/not-really-lull-at-all periods, in that the anticipation is, on the assumption that everyone has fucked off to Glastonbury, logically the peace and quiet one may have been craving since one’s life got totally flipped-turned-upside-down not too long ago (although last year really does seem a very, very long time ago right now) would ensue. Thinking that way, as I have discovered, essentially makes you a naive plank-person. You have to see these things, and as is the case in most if not all music-related marketing activity, pretty much everything, through the lens of others that in turn see you as a human AQA service who largely exists to serve others. And those people want their shit done whilst they are living in their own shit and that of others in a field near Stonehenge. Some of those people returning to their respective homes and/or places of work sometime in the near future are gonna be slightly gutted, lemmetellya. Anyway. RedHook. They were fucking deece at Download Festival a couple of weeks back, and fully worth getting up for at the respectable time of 11am (so you’re up at 10am, my son) when they opened up the….stage where I saw them at that time on the last day, which is tricky in itself given that a shitload of metal people have been booming it up in the largely-over reported (I mean, its a fucking British festival y’all. And mud happens anyway) turgid/slippy-toad grounding that was stuck under Donnington for the duration. Aesthetic comparisons to Paramore are fairly obvious; but as the title of this-here Track Of The Day entails, there’s a lot more happening by way of subject matter coupled with the confidence of youth that’s written into the fabric of what the Sydney crew are all about.

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