Reeled Press Shot 2

JYLDA unveils official video to new single ‘Reeled’ for our latest TOTD

JYLDA aka Italian-German talent Gianna Gehlhar has unveiled the official video for her new track ‘Reeled’. The new single release is the second offering from the London based dance-pop act, who is set to release her debut EP ‘Twitch’ on the 19th of April.

Comparable to the likes of Robyn and Little Dragon, new release ‘Reeled’ is, on the surface, a warm and sun-kissed dance single, tinged with the melancholy of brooding over moments lost in time and chasing endlessly for more.

Shot in a friends basement in Leyton, East London, the visuals for ‘Reeled’ portray an element of mystery, with JYLDA and friends sporting garish, entrancing outfits hired from the National Theatre in London for their underground rave. “The video for Reeled melts theatre elements, Italo Western and 00’s music video moves into one otherworldly dance rave, like an opera adaption set in a techno club” JYLDA explains, “Jylda finds her fellow creatures in the underground. Together the misfits form a gang and move through the night — under one spell and in one wake.”

JYLDA will be celebrating the release of her debut EP on Thursday the 18th of April at a secret warehouse location in East London. For a free ticket to the launch show, please sign up to JYLDA’s mailing list here. Follow JYLDA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for further info on the event.

Enjoy the full video to ‘Reeled’ below:

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