LIILY – ‘Sold’

My, what a difference a day makes. And thus, logically, what a massive fucking difference about three months makes. It’s been a wild ride so far kids. This marks the first blog post that I’ve had any time whatsoever to churn out since relocating Killing Moon from our previous/latest stomping grounds of Camden High Street – and yes, I miss the fuck out of it, mainly due to the peeps that I inadvertently left behind in Greenland Street (which reminds me, my cream-coloured desk chair is still knocking about. Gotta pick that shit up at some point, but as I’m saying, time is an issue) but I’m generally operating on the premise that all good things must end at one point or another – and I’m waffling on at you from our new relative-ivory towers in Oxford Circus. People move differently in different parts of London. In Hendon, where I live, for example, everyone trudges about as if they’ve shat their pants and are in no particular hurry to do anything at all about that. In Camden, everyone moves not only at a glacial pace, but also in your general flight path so as to cause you maximum annoyance. Around Central London, they just fucking walk into you all the time given it is a rarity that anyone occupying or traversing a public highway will look up from the smartphone that presumably is controlling most if not all of their motor functions. Moving in rather energetic ways is also what new Track Of The Day people LIILY do, having observed their overtly-frenetic live show several times to the point of absolute obsession at the just-gone-by SXSW in Austin. I would elaborate on that further, but suffice to say that I am rather jealous that you lot actually get to see them for the first time in May 2019 when they toddle on over in support of their debut I Can Fool Anyone In This Town EP (plus supposedly a brand new offering that I’m reliable informed will be released between now and then), the plot itself involving several support and/or club shows in London before they hit up the high/mighty Great Escape Festival in Brighton. On record, it is Bloc Party fucking with Foals. Live, it is as close as we’re ever going to get to the heyday of At The Drive In, and that can only be a fucking great thing.

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