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LA Foster – ‘Honestly’

Here’s a thing that’s becoming a weekly occurrence – in the context of my new jobby and essentially making a very welcome return to signing and developing artists rather than trying to do literally everything else that’s in connection with running one’s own small business, I thought it would be a really good idea to connect with the wider A&R and management community systematically. Y’know, to let ’em all know that I’m open for business as it were. It’s cool and I enjoy the social aspect, alongside getting tipped off on stuff that other people are working on (which addresses the problem I’ve had for a number of years now whereby I only seem to give a shit about bands that I am personally working on myself) rather passionately. Anyway, at several instances including a meeting I had just this Monday gone, the opening line from the person I’m meeting up with largely goes along the following theme: “Somebody a few years ago told me you were a dodgy bastard. I won’t tell you who told me you were a dodgy bastard; however that person in fact turned out to be the real dodgy bastard themselves, and I’ve since heard from several friends in common that you are, in fact, alright”. Weird, right? And in several ways. Yeah, I’ve done some shit that I’m not proud of, however, ironically, learning that there is someone or some people out there actively defaming me and mine for whatever reason is actually doing wonders for my historical paranoia. I mean, they say it’s a sign you’re doing well if people are actively going out of their way to fuck you up – in addition, I’m rather enjoying the brutal honesty I’m dealt with as opposed to the typical bullshittery I find subsisting within the music biz. So, on that note, here’s a new one from previous Track Of The Day’er LA FOSTER, aptly titled Honestly, and off the back of which our Montreal-based future-pop hero seems to be making a decent amount of headway as it continues to course around all blogs great and small, mainly owning to it’s sonic pensiveness that exists between the worlds of Lapsley, Abi Ocia, and the slick delivery of Robyn. Of the track, and as a means of gauging the degree of similar introspection that she’s going through, LA FOSTER says it is “An ode to healing ourselves, loving ourselves, and fighting for our purest honest self, and trying to maintain that through the harsh obstacles that we face in our lives”. Right on, dude. Right fucking on.

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