Cleopatrick – Hometown

I feel oddly late to Canadian duo Cleopatrick. Perhaps when I was in the throws of rolling around in my own bullshit, which wasn’t really that long ago at all, I was in the regular habit of largely ignoring most of not all new music sent my way if it wasn’t something I was already working with or somehow obligated to. Instead, given what my ostensible role was for most of last year – “finding money to do things for other people”, as running an independent label in this day and age largely entails – I’m sure that I can be forgiven for not bigging up this particular band sooner rather than later. Or not. I don’t really give a shit about that sort of thing any more.

What I do give a shit about is how it is nigh on impossible for any rock and/or indie fan to not tuck into the complicated-simplicity that is Hometown, which is the opening track taken from the band’s seemingly (and I say seemingly because they’ve been going a lot longer than this) debut EP release from back in early 2018; and subsequently become completely lost in the band’s Patrick Stump-style lyrcism and vocal delivery, along with the rhythm-drive behind this that’s likely to remind many a contemporary music fan of Royal Blood. This track largely soundtracked my Christmas and is obviously carrying on well into the new year. May it do the same for you too. Come mosh with me when the band tip up for a UK tour in March, stopping over at London’s Omeara on the 20th. I’ll be back from SXSW then and everything.

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