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Para Fiction – PAP£R

The processes of change and growing up are two of the most painful anyone can really embark on, particularly when you’ve been one sort of person for so long – or multiple sorts of people, as I’ve found is often the case. The sensations of one’s skin crawling over a sustained period whilst endlessly trying to determine what your true personality, wants, unwants and certainly-do-not-fucking-wants-at-all away from from the weight of the expectations of others are, I’ve decided, literally you growing new skin rather than trying to somehow fit back into the old. Basically, I’ve spent the last year being an angry little shit and lamenting at all the things that I feel I’ve lost. Mainly people, and primarily in the sense of finally seeing them for what they really are rather than what I’d like them to be (which, I’m told, is part of the growing-up bit). Many a ye olde friendship and/or relationship has either abruptly come to an end or indeed is in the less-appealing process of being slowly phased out. Surprisingly, however, I’m probably more happy than I have been for a number of years now, and it strikes me as an incredible coincidence that the new year has started in absence of personal or professional stresses – quite the opposite, in fact – following a 2018 that taught me that, sometimes, you’ve got to burn the whole fucking thing down in order to start again.

None of that in it’s suitably cryptic manner, we’d imagine, factored into the songwriting fabric that underpins today’s TOTD by Brighton chaps PARA FICTION and their towards-the-end-of-last-year effort PAP£R, which by all accounts is the sort of trip-hop laden ladcore that firmly has one foot in the British beats driven world of UK garage and hip-hop, and the other stuck in the slackery South London aesthetic that you get from the likes of, say, Puma Blue. But that’s ok. Now that I’m writing again, I can draw comparisons to whatever aspects of my personal life I like, which is cool. As is this track.

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