Offering up a massive slice of lo-fi pie is Australian band BOAT SHOW, in the form of their quirky new single ‘I Don’t Get It’.

‘I Don’t Get It’ features bold vocals and lyrics from vocalist Ali Flintoff, and blends shoegaze with fuzzy slacker rock. The track contrasts lovelorn pop lyrics with a subdued atmosphere created by the instrumentation.

What’s really compelling with this track, is the way it has been produced. There’s no feeling or attempt to create an extremely huge sound, as if the band were trying to compensate for something. Instead, the production feels quite flat and one dimensional – but this is why the track is so great. It works in a way that’s so mesmerizing, and in doing so a feeling is created that makes you feel claustrophobic – fitting with the obsessive lyrics. It’s as if you’re swimming in deep water, or stuck in a disposable film photo – things are blurry and you don’t really know what’s going on, but there’s a peculiar sense of serenity keeping you safe.

– Jasleen

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