Ah, Christmas is right round the corner! Even though I don’t feel the slightest bit Christmassy *insert sad face emoji here*. Maybe it’s something that comes with getting older, or maybe the fact it’s not as freezing as it usually is (though that being said it still is pretty bloody cold).

Anyway, enough rambling, my choice of TOTD has glistening and glittery elements that do feel somewhat Christmassy, so I figured it was a perfect match with this festive season!

‘Graveyard Town’ is a synth heavy, indie dream pop jam from Minneapolis based band Suzie. It twinkles and features robotic vocals, driven by a tick-tocking beat. It’s a love-sick ballad that doesn’t fit the usual formulations of synth pop tracks, the electronics used are wonky and weird, slightly eerie in parts too. But that being said, it’s a dreamy number that will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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