Ah! It’s December. Where has this year gone? I have no idea, but what I do know is that this year has been a great year for music. As the year comes to a close, us musos will be creating our end of year/new year playlists, and after a listen to our TOTD, you’ll definitely be adding this one…(they’re also playing The Great Escape this year, if that’s another incentive)

Glasgow’s LUCIA have dropped a raging indie banger with ‘Cheap Talk’, and you’d be mad not to love it. Elements of straight-up rock’n’roll and jangly indie mix for this hook-driven song, where the ooh’s at the chorus crawl deep into your eardrums like infectious earworms, and raspy vocals give an old-school edge. This is an incredibly well-crafted track, where things never falter. LUCIA feel relentless, powerful and undefeated on this guitar pop gem of a track.

– Jasleen

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