CREAM WITH A K – ‘5:35’

Grunge is back and it’s more atmospheric than ever, and drawn out chords and sparse percussion is not the only thing making me feel sleepy this Friday. As like every Friday, the work week is drawing to a close and so are my eyes, it’s not been a busy week but the weather is making me feel a lot worse. Anyway… On to the track… I’m not sure whether 5:35 from Cream with a K is referring to AM or PM, but either could be viable as it gives off the strong feeling of the sun being non visible and air being stagnant and cold (screw this time of year). I think it may come off that I don’t like the track from my ramblings so far, but that is not indeed the case, the vibe is dark and moody, but that’s exactly what I love about it. Snare drum beating like a hammer on an anvil, sweet vocals and crooked guitars bring the track chugging along. The vocal performance on the track really bring all the elements together and give the song a direction that resonates so well.


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