Monday’s rolled around again and it’d definitely another slow one. As I mentioned in my previous track of the day on Friday that I had a yearning for going out and partying, I got my fix on Saturday night and the hangover has turned from a 1 day affair into a Monday slump. All the serotonin has left my body and combined with my lack of sleep from having a lie in on Sunday morning has caught up to me. I’m sure that by tonight I’ll be up and buzzing though. I’ve definitely got the Monday blues, which brings me ever so neatly on to today’s track of the day aptly titled ‘Bethnal Green Blues’ by the wonderful Sugarcane. The band recently played one of our Good Neighbour shows and they definitely bring a charming live presence compared to the studio version of this song, which is leading me ever so softly into the rest of the work week.


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