I’ve definitely got that Friday feeling today, I’m in one of those moods where I want to go out and dance until all my stress from this work week leaves my body. Sadly in my local town things are dying down a bit, all the students have gone back to university and following this the regular party spots are becoming a bit dead. However! I will not let this stop me! I am determined to live this Friday to the fullest. I’m attempting to channel this feeling with today’s track of the day from LCMDF. The track follows up from their recent album release ‘Sad Bangers’ which gave me a little chuckle when I first read it as it appeals to the edgy 14 year old deep down inside of me, who’s still a little bit too obsessed with My Chemical Romance. ‘Waterfalls’ is a dance track that features some crisp production and a thumping bass line that makes me want to get up and dance (however I don’t think the rest of the office would appreciate me partying on my own with my headphones on). I particularly like the first half of the track which has an infectious xylophone lead melody that’s currently stuck in my head.


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