The Candescents are a four-piece rock band from all the way over in Ohio.

My choice for TOTD comes from their EP, Riverside Dr., which was released last month. The track is ‘Back of Your Hand’, and it’s under 2 and a half minutes long, but I find tracks as short as this are always pretty great. You’ve got a short amount of time to really make an impact, and that’s exactly what The Candescents achieve with this track.

It’s feel good from the get-go, and has a contagious celebratory American/youth feel to it, but with a bucket load of pizazz. The vocals are sickly sweet and seductive, which contrast yet fit so well with the slacker riffs in the verse. This turns into a raging guitar solo, that noodles magically at the chorus. Party on.

Now does anyone have a red cup and a pool that I can jump into?

– Jasleen

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