Brown Recluse ‘Summer Showers’

Lana here, yodeling ‘cross the Eurostar tracks, English Channel, and language barricades from good ol’ Berlin, Germany (she says, casually munching side-mouthed on a fresh sprig of wheat berry).

September has always been a time of pondering reminiscence for me. And what better way to ode the past than by ushering in one of the forerunners herself? This track at once alludes to afternoon past-times of running alongside the record-spins and speak-singing digs of Bob Boilen, the wet & warm mudslide-of-a-cross-country meet #klubmasochism jogs, the scrabbling up the side of the neighborhood grade-school to peek like a king (of the hill) from its pinnacle-of-accomplishment peak, and the feverish gulping down of summer’s last beautiful & cherished dregs.

From ‘Evening Tapestry’ [at Discogs] to the title track’s concise relatability to, even still, the zoologically precise band name itself, this marks one heckuva’n on-point Track of the Day.

Pop in the ‘buds, hop on the bus (Gus), and give ‘er a spin.

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