It’s my University’s freshers week this week, and I’m definitely feeling the graduate blues. I’m stuck here in the KM office whilst everyone’s out partying. Being an alumni comes with it’s perks though, as constant hangovers and not forgetting what you did the night before did become a bit of a problem after a while. I’m heading back up to the wonderful Stoke-On-Trent this weekend though so my craving for partying and 90s club tunes will definitely be solved by the time I return back to work on Monday. Today’s track of the day is one that will get you into the party mood. ‘Achillies’ Heel’ by Killing moon’s very own Man Without Country features bright electronic production and some very interesting vocal processing that makes you feel as if you’re playing a video game. Massive drum fills that channel an 80s inspired vibe as well as some beautify synths. The track dropped today and it’s definitely one that i’ll be banging out for the rest of the week.


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