Jaeger bombs are definitely a marmite kind of drink, well… they’re not really a drink more so a shot, or perhaps a bomb as the name implies. I definitely ride the love train when it comes to Jaeger bombs, they’re short, sweet and to the point. They get their job done easily and effectively. Much like today’s track of the day, which is by Worst Party Ever, aptly titled ‘Sake Bomb’. The title leads me to wonder just quite what a Sake Bomb would taste like…

The track, which is only 57 seconds in length and features a single acoustic guitar as well as lead singer Andrew Schueneman Midwest emo sounding vocals (although the band hails from Florida). The Lyrics shroud themselves in mystery, not revealing whether they are the discussion of a current or ex-lover, leaving it up to the listeners interpretation. Schueneman talks of his partner ‘blacking out in the driveway’ of the couples home, perhaps from the fault of the titular Sake Bomb.

I’ve been following these for a while now and I’m excited to see what they’ll be coming out with soon.


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