Estrons – Body

Those of you who know me will know one of my favorite parts about music is over the top production. I love hearing new and exciting ways to make a guitar sound like it’s never been heard before, or percussion that has such driven compression that it sounds like someone’s banging a drum stick directly on your headphones.

Today’s track of the day really brings this feeling directly to you. ‘Body’ by Estrons starts off with one of the dirtiest, most driven bass tones I’ve heard in a long while. Once the chorus comes in lead singer Tali Källström’s vocals, (which are also drenched in saturated goodness) take over the track, switching your attention from the bass, onto the vocals, then to the drums and back to the vocals again. The second half of the track drifts off into dreamy extended lead guitar delay lines that build to a climax that brings in the chorus for a final time, securing the fact that the lyrics will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


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