I am tired today. Using my curtain rails to hang my damp clothes off does somewhat hinder my ability to actually shut my curtains, defeating the entire point of them and resulting in constant disruptive sleeps. Noise and light charge into my room like my Mum used to do to wake me up for school every morning. To conclude I’m definitely not a morning person put it that way. Drifting away from my rant and into a much better place, here’s the Track of the Day. Presenting luscious jazzy chords, delicate guitar licks and a soft psych-style drum beat it’s very clear as to why PONCHO have titled this summer gem, ’Paradise’. The Alkmaar band create four minutes of what I like to call ‘sunset music’, that is best served with a mojito on a beach in some tropical extravaganza far far away from the mundane grey skies that engulf us on a day to day basis (usually). If you are in fact reading this in a sunny, beautiful paradise, turn your speakers up and get this record spinning. NOW.

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