Picture this, you’ve found yourself at a house party of your current partner’s old high school friends. You don’t know many of the attendees and find yourself struggling to introduce yourself to anyone new over the blaring house music that’s resonating throughout the living room and out to the small suburban garden. The party’s dying down as you finish your last can of store bought lager, as the taxi’s inbound to take you home and into your longing bed for a well deserved sleep.

Today’s track of the day perfectly captures this feeling of wanting to have spent your evening properly socialising rather than staring off into the distance. Haley Blais’ sweet voice croons over the subtle chugging guitar chords and drawn back drums. ‘I’m just a foreign faction’ Blais sings giving reminiscence feelings of out of place at the wrong moment. The track finds itself building to a final musical crescendo giving rise from the building layered vocals, distorted electric guitar feedback, and serene backing vocals which accompany the release of emotion that Blais describes in her lyrics.

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