Echo Renee ‘sunlight through your window’ / Kennedy Wright ‘Fast N’ Full’

Lana here, comin’ in quick with your most delicious afternoon A/B snack for this sun-peekin’-thru-the-clouds Thursday.

For today’s track of the day (colloquially known as TOTD, for you newcomers/acronym-eschewing folk), I couldn’t help but sit happily on the fence. While plaguing indecisiveness can very much be burdensome, piling up on your back like an endlessly growing slew of textbooks, as if you lost a bet with the University library so had to stuff each one of its “too many highlighter marks for consumption” in your already bulging yet Hermione-Granger-esque infinitely expandable backpack, moderate levels of wishy-wash, or shall we say “Openness to Experience,” may very well produce a life of boundless fruitful abundance🍍.

And so, today, did I break from tradition yet ascribe to the mission, in choosing the ultimate dom-sub A/B for today’s TOTD.

First, rupturing stereotypical “sub comes second” expectations, we have Echo Renee—hailing from Sunny Mesa, Arizona, Echo Renee swoops in with the suave-cool aesthetic of an “I harvested the silk worms myself” baby-pink pajama suit and most definitely the classiest doggo of all time. Swing around the corners of desert sunsets with this sweet-slinky chica…

And second, we roar our engines for the one-and-only Satan’s Website (CKA (casually known as) Kennedy Wright). She entices you with her boom-chk drum machine; she makes your blood pump with her chunky-beef-stew guitar riffs; she a big glass o full-fat unpasteurized milk, and she gon’ make you chug it. Own me, Kennedy!

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