Band names are very hard one to pull off and get right I reckon. Do you go for the classic ‘The..Insert Word Here’, the simple one-word band name, or the super-long name that either connects wonderfully or confuses the shit out of everyone. That’s not the only thing in my opinion that the brilliantly but simply named Black Pudding have done here. They create slow burning, low-tempo humorous slacker rock that incaptivates from start to finish. ‘Tillagio’ stood out straight away for me. Memorable hooks including the section where the crooning vocals of “I’m not even happy with myself” bring back memories of Nirvana, whilst the rolling snare drum and screechy guitar riffs that build up over the 5-minute burner create a brilliant DIY garage rock feel. With the odd clean interlude providing the perfect contrast to the grunge-filled guitar sections and raucous vocals, ‘Tallagio’ is not a track to be missed. Listen now.


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