Kyson – Every High

We all attended Reading Festival last weekend and are trying to deal with the inner sense of dread that most people feel after they have to go back to normality. It’s weird at festivals, certainly in this country, that rules to life change. The majority of men think its cool to wear a bandanna with sunglasses and the majority of women think they’re attending a festival in Ibiza and ultimately end up looking like right knobs. Especially because it rained multiple amounts of times. This brought me much misery and annoyance – especially after the heat wave we’ve just had. However, the most annoying thing I had to go through was taking down the tent in torrential downpour. The tent had seen better days to be fair so I could have just left it but it wasn’t mine to leave. It had the biggest rip in the sleeping compartment of the tent just under the zip. Cold air would blow in all night. It was freezing. I thought at one point it could have been the end. Another thing that annoyed me, was that I spilt a little bit of beer in my tent, ya know, as you do. Then ants happened. My solution was to pour Monster energy drink in a line in front of my tent. For some reason I thought this would make a great substitute for Ant Poison I was then told by the rest of the gang that the reason ants love beer is because it’s sweet so pouring monster everywhere would do no favours. Alas, it did not. I had to go full sociopath on those ants. Anyway, that’s my moan, it wasn’t that bad really..  Now onto the music, ‘Every High’ from Kyson is our track of the day. A friend of mine once described a tracks instrumentation as being sexy. I think that word is one that definitely applies to this number. A perfect mix between Jose Gonzalez, Mount Kimbie and Alt-J  and all those things added up, in my opinion, makes a very lustful track. Kyson released another track ‘Clean Air‘ a few days ago which holds a similar mantra to ‘Every High’. Chilled out, end of the night music. I like it.

– Conor

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