Cursive ‘Life Savings’

“There’s no scruples, only money”

Cursive‘s ‘Life Savings’ is the inaugural track off of their forthcoming October release Vitriola. Optimally timed for the freshmeat college grad job search, might I add. It’s a strange thing, walking into the working world. You have the warm hand-knit heirloom of a top sheet ripped off your body, and you’re thrust out the door into the frightening blizzard. They hand you a parka, some snow boots, some mittens, but you’ve never seen this tundra before—you grew up in South Florida, for goodness sakes! Where are the palm trees to look up to? The tranquil summer sun to encourage your languidness? Gone, they are, whipped away by the winter winds.

Cursive’s expression of utter disillusionment with the nefarious forces of the working world speak to this very predicament. Eerie guitar melodies nip at your ears, gritty bass crunches under your thickly-soled boots. “Head down, anonymous, the more you comply is the more you subsist,” exclaim the Omaha rebels. They acknowledge the system, the dark underpinnings of society, but also the fact that the system’s foundations do just that—allow a nation to go forth and prosper, allow a holistic entity to appear well-functioning, when in fact, individual wants may be squelched under the burden of its million-ton well-oiled machine.

Omaha reminds me of my good friend in University—the one who cared about people, who had an immense anxiety about the future and the imposed pressure to succeed, but who cherished the smiles and the laughs and the hugs and the cries of the friends around him, and who was always there to join in with empathy, comedy, consolation. Cursive imbues these same ideals into the musical ether—infusing the rambunctiousness of grit-rock’s roots into the brilliantly shining bubblegum pop airwaves, reminding us of the soil and the callouses underneath gleaming billboards and superfluous varnish.

Bundle up lads, winter is coming.

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