I woke up this morning, in a good mood. Even considering that it was 8 on a Monday morning and I was on a bleak platform waiting for my train, thanks to the news that Ticketmaster will finally close its rip-off resale sites, instead creating a fair fan resale platform. Well Done. Although face-value only resale sites are nothing new, in the form of Twickets – which don’t get me wrong, is brilliant, it’s the fact is that a major ticketing firm has actually done something to prevent touts who just want a lucky payday grabbing all the good gig tickets instead of actual fans. It’s a good step in creating a fair music market for fans in the UK and is long overdue but nevertheless very important. More good news is here in the form of our Track of the Day which is from Leeds-based band Chest Pains with a song I wish I spotted when it came out last summer gone. ‘Petrified’ is angry punk thriller containing a pulsating crisp bassline, in your face raucous vocals accompanied by twists and turns at every point. This leads to my favourite moment of the track, where about 2 or so minutes in it unexpectedly cuts to a slow bass, drum and vocals section with a repeating almost chant-like vocal that builds and builds until it stops…… before cataclysmically dropping back into the brilliant punk chaos giving an already throttling punk track an added element of uncertainty and excitement.


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