Been a mixed day. Hailing then sunny. Quiet then busy. Hungry not hungry (courtesy of Burger King vouchers). If anyone didn’t hear our local branch in Camden played Toto’s Africa for the whole day earlier this week. ALL DAY. Not sure how I’d feel working there. I came back and someone in the office says to me ‘Were they playing Africa in Burger King?’. I was very perplexed to say the least. Turns out it was a social media campaign and they chose the Camden branch to have it played constantly – how strange the world is today. Anyway I’ll let you get on with the weekend and spare my rambling – so on to the track of the day is a track from San Francisco’s The Love-Birds. Released from their debut album in May, the track has a fuzzy DIY sound which, near the end, accelerates to full speed presenting a wonderfully chaotic mesh of hazy guitars. The almost woodwind sounding scalic keyboard interlude that breaks in every so often is a brilliant contrast to the jangly guitar sound that brings the track its upbeat feel. Pop-style vocals accompany the rocky collisions of the guitar and drums, making this the perfect companion to a drunken sunset.


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