Pop open your laptop and grab that aux cord! Killing Moon’s latest addition to their much-lauded compilation series is out today! New Moons: Volume X is a summer slammer—full of rowdy ragers, shade-sporting highway drives, and lazy holidays. Click here to buy/stream now, and check out IAI’s premiere and ensuing interview with the one-and-only spearheader, our very own Ach.

Marking double-digits in our compilations’ lifecourse, we look back to past iterations featuring Fickle FriendsFatherson, Tall Ships, Ecca Vandal, Puppy and Nadine Shah, and stretch our legs in preparation for this saucy new edition. And heck, is number 10 fierce—kicking off with Sick Joy’s fat sensorial distortion, drifting onto Totally Mild’s lackadaisical river raft, and folding in heartfelt expositions from Paul Aiden and Meilir, New Moons: Volume X is a surefire soundtrack to the twists and turns of your infallibly interesting summer.

  1. Sick Joy“Senses”
  2. Bessie Turner “In My Room”
  3. Cool American “Focus”
  4. History & Lore“Lights”
  5. Stranger Girl “Thinking Down”
  6. Totally Mild “Underwater”
  7. Johnny Kills“Who’s Counting?”
  8. Alluri “Balyamm (Live)”
  9. Paul Aiden“Drag”
  10. Jade Imagine “Walkin’ Around”
  11. Daze “Sleep Paralysis”
  12. Man Without Country “Lafayette”
  13. Safe To Swim “Struggling”
  14. Fizzy Blood “Haunted (Live)”
  15. Meillir “Glasshouse”

With the tenth compilation in a row, New Moons are further developing their strong reputation for discovering talent, providing fifteen sterling tracks to its fans. 2018 sees Killing Moon celebrate its seventh year of existence.

From the humble beginnings of a nearly-award-winning blog in 2012, which itself has been cited as launching the careers of FoxesAlt JRoyal Blood and many more. Killing Moon has since expanded into a successful record label, artist management company, live promoter along with PR servicing being the latest notch to its belt.

Along with Volume X comes a very special surprise—it’s time, KM chums. The dawning of a new age is now, and what better way to usher it in than with a label devoted solely to burgeoning artists? Stay tuned for more information on our New Moons label, devoted solely to supporting emerging artists. Keep rocking, fam ✌🤘

Press for past editions of New Moons

“[Killing Moon has] curated another new musical essential”-  DIY

“Wonderful stuff from hugely-respected indie label Killing Moon” – Shortlist

“Essential for getting ahead on the new music curb and for maxing out your playlist” – Drunken Werewolf

“Killing Moon is a family of artists and new music lovers and pushes who seem to care about one thing; good music” – The 405

“Full of emerging music makers… it is an art form”-  Amazing Radio

“One good song can launch an artist’s career if it reaches the right ears, and making sure it does is what [Killing Moon] aims to do” – Music Week

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