The football season starts again tomorrow and I had a thought today, comparing the two worlds of entertainment that are football and music. You can be passionate about your local football team, watching them every time you possibly can, going mad and exuberant in your support for them – in the same way you could with your favourite band. You can get excited for a new album, in the same way someone could for the new football season. It’s great listening to it on the radio, but you’d rather see it live; also accurate in both cases. Music and football both bring people together, as shown earlier this summer – even to the extent that a song about football, took over an entire country. Just a thought…anyway to my track of the day, I’m listening to a band called Melt Dunes. Blending whirring organ sounds with rapturous guitar leads and trance like repetitive vocals the track, titled ’Flesh’, creates a dark feeling of creepy suspense which is pulled off brilliantly by the Southampton-Portsmouth based band. It has tones of the Velvet Underground when a guitar solo flies out of nowhere in the ‘relatively calm’ mid-section accompanied by repetitive punk vocals along the lines of the Fat White Family, whilst it incorporates moments of psychedelia which all in all make it an inspiring nearly six minutes of music. 


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