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okaywill ‘The Youth Club’

IT’S SO HOT. I know everyone is saying it, but Jesus Christ. The weather would be fine if we were all allowed to go to the beach under law on days where the temperature tops 30 degrees, or if it wasn’t so incredibly humid. It’s just very uncomfortable, and there is no escape unless you live in a super modern air conditioned house in the countryside, which the majority of us do not. I, for example, live in an extremely small first floor flat, with exterior walls baking in the sun for a good 12 hours each day. I share sed flat with a heat-intolerant Northerner, and a very fluffy (very fed up) cat, whose collective whining only adds to the feeling of suffocation. We can’t leave windows open because the cat will attempt to jump to freedom at any opportunity, and we only have a small fan which just pushes hot air around our rooms. The temperature in our bedroom (according to our very swish alarm clock complete with mood lighting) was 29 degrees last night. If cattle can’t be transported at temperatures above 30 degrees, then surely we can’t be expected to sleep in such conditions? The only brief respite from all this closeness is a lingering trip to Sainsbury’s, which I will readily admit is becoming the best part of my day. Oh the summer days, spent idling along the frozen veg section…Anyway, today I’m listening to mysterious US based artist okaywill, whose latest single ‘The Youth Club’ is an upbeat, summery bit of bedroom pop, evoking teenage dreams and youthful angst with jaunty electronic percussion and jangly guitars. Enjoy.

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