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I’ve recently been thinking about the name for a barbers, do let me know your thoughts… ready? Deja Doo. Get it? Like, “Oh, I love your hair doo”, “Yeah, thanks I got it done at Deja Doo”. And then when you need another hair cut and they get it bang on, the barber could say something like “I’ve just had Deja Vu” and look at you straight faced in the mirror. Some jokes last a lifetime. Could definitely become a thing. Maybe…? Nahhh. Anyway, I walked back into the office with my smoothy and meal deal after lunch, sat down put some music on and this lovely little track was the first to accompany me. The artist? Tony Molina. The Song? Jasper’s Theme. You’ll love this if you’re a fan of Bob Dylan, Pavement & Dinosaur Jr, it’s a track that’s the perfect song to play at a reunion. It’s nostalgic and having only heard it for the first time today, it made me feel like I haven’t listened to it in ages. In that sense it holds a kind of weird sadness. But I’m a sucker for feeling sorry for myself with music on. This song will sit snugly alongside 10 other tracks in Molina’s upcoming album, “Kill The Lights” out on the 27th July. If you can’t wait that long, you can find two other tracks on his BandCamp page here.

– Conor

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