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The world is suffering from what I like to call “Football Fever”, especially with the England game coming up tomorrow – everyone’s on edge. It’s been an exciting journey but can the boys really bring it home? Probably not. But I hope so. The atmosphere at Killing Moon HQ reflects the angst, or actually it could just be me. It’s quite scary. Regardless of the football, the weekend held wonders for me, having visited Cambridge to see me old pals, I was delighted to lounge about on fields and drink some cold ones. Having spent more money than I’m proud to admit on just beer alone, it doesn’t feel like I have much to show for the weekend apart from that old familiar hungover feeling and the much practiced skill of building the courage to have more booze – it is an art form. Anyway, Ralph Castelli’s track ‘Better Things’ accompanied me and my buddies whilst feeling sorry for ourselves. A stripped back, laid back, everything-you-need banger that you must check out.

– Conor

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