John Mesh

John.Mesh ‘True Hits’

Shit. I’ve just fucked my neck. Shit. SHIT. Hurts a little if I turn my head to face right, then kind of down a little bit too. So effectively if I was adopting a position of someone who has been smashing the chang for a bit too long (and let’s face it, we’ve all been there), then I’d be in constant pain right about now. Thank heavens that isn’t the case. This isn’t 2014. This is the day and age of acceptance that life doesn’t really give a fuck about your plans, shit happens, and you simply must enjoy yourself or else. Today is indeed a very good day as well. Went to the gym last night instead of going out on the rizzle-razzle – admittedly there has been a fair bit of that going on throughout the rest of the week, but believe me the vast majority of it was planned and indeed in most cases required – and much to my own surprise I now have far more energy than I can remember having in the last five or so years. Guess that’s why they call it exercise. Me-time continued into the late hours of the evening (as in I am immensely enjoying being an pre-midnight person as far as sleepy times are concerned, and I don’t think I’ve done that since I was 15) as I ended up watching an abhorrent amount of The Thick Of It, thereby improving my shoot-from-the-hip witty repartee that occasions crushing Malcolm Tucker-style put-downs where necessary (and, sometimes, it is very fucking necessary), as well as designing, implementing and delivering my very own charcuterie-slash-cheese board and red wine enemble that led me very much to believe that I can recreate certain non-risque scenes from Game Of Thrones all on my tod. Oh, and I discovered the Do Not Disturb function on my phone, so that makes me happy. Not giving many fucks also seems to be on the general agenda of our current Track Of The Day’er John.Mesh, given that this guy’s whole thing at this point in time seems to be that he was the Optimus Prime of Copenhagen peoples Slowes up until recently, until the band split up and chappy has since decided to give the solo game a go. Right on. Musically, this is about as close to the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack as we’re likely to get in the contemporary sense, so you may as well lap it up on that basis, but perhaps also on that of how well I reckon this guy is going to do, as people tend to when they put aside the shit that ain’t working and just get their freak on in a manner that just feels right to them. Party on, dude. I am slightly annoyed that I didn’t catch Mr Mesh doing his thing at the recent SPOT Festival, but I am sure I’ll get over it in time for the next appearance.

– Ach

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