Moons Delux

Premiere: Hear Moons Delux’s
“Life In Transit” due out on Friday

“Wide-eyed and open-mouthed, ya look a little lost and found”. I didn’t really know what that meant when Clor‘s Love & Pain were thrown into my ears in the temporary whirlwind that was Indie Disco in my early twenties, which occasioned the NME-purveyed not-really-a-thing-until-you-made-it-one term Nu Rave. I didn’t really identify with being the one that buzzed the bees or indeed stealing the honey at the time of skanking out to bands like this and similar at places like Frog and Young & Lost Club, but given the sheer fucking rollercoaster that has been and continues to be this year, I’m starting to see the point I think that was being made. In fact, I’m starting to see many different points made from a plethora of different perspectives. So much has happened in the last week – both insanely good and crushingly bad, like a fucked-up magnet pulling you in two very different directions at the same time – yet I now know how strong I am, and regardless of any of this that I want to be strong for other people. I suppose it’s a bit like learning to swim after you get so used after wave after wave of just, well, shit landing on you and drowning becomes a normal part of your day-to-day (metaphorically of course, I have always been a very good swimmer despite being terrified at the concept of an ocean, or more specifically the big fucking fish that Waterworld made out are going to own us in the dystopic future that awaits us all if we carry on getting up to all sorts of bad shit). So I am grateful for a lot of the people who have been teaching me to “swim” lately. One in particular and they know who they are, if they ever read this thing. The other knock-on effect is of course identifying different values in different things as a result of genuinely sensing that a sense of balance in my life has been, at long last, achieved. No, I haven’t found God. But I have found the music. Or, cases like this, people like Matt Harvey send the music so really that means it finds me. Enter these guys Moons Delux. They are a trio – Brian, Simon and Johnny – and they all got their shit together in this respect in Hackney Wick, East London circa 2015, which coincidentally is around the same sort of time I think I started to get mine together too. Life In Transit, which will crash land on this planet in more ways than just the one you’re readying right now this Friday, is a sonically torte version of reflecting on one’s own sense of values and contentment, in the most Talking Heads way possible due to the band’s penchant for writing quirky digs at life. The release on Friday also comes with the assertion from their camp that the band will release a new single once every month. For the next twelve months. How many is that then, kids? You work it out. That’s what life is about.


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