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It’s emotional; today marked my last appearance on Demolition Day. I’m moving on from Killing Moon, and Ach is changing the locks. The newly updated Demolition Day Spotify playlist stands testament to all the rubbish I’ve picked over the last nine episodes.

Our special guest this week was Cecilia who now inherits Demolition Day duties, whether she likes it or not. Watch the stream back below, or scroll down to listen to the tracks directly.

Demolition Day 8

It's Friday! This week's edition of Demoliton Day features LYLO, Dose, GANA, mélissa laveaux, and The Dolce Vita…

Posted by Killing Moon on Friday, February 2, 2018

Lylo – Turn My Jacket

Lylo graced Demolition Day last year with their single It’s Good To Know Your Man. Well, this is the album from what it’s off of and it came out last week, and it’s every bit as good as we expected. Swathes of eighties synth pads envelop angular drums and drifting sax.

– – – – –

Dose – Furniture

We got a brutalist feel from the artwork, which mirrors a clean-cut sound of monophonic guitar and motorik drums complete with eerie spoken vocals.

– – – – –

Gana – Let’s Do It

Gana consigned themselves to a shack somewhere in Holland and didn’t leave until they’d finished their debut record, In Groede. Except maybe for the odd bottle of milk or loaf of bread. Their self-deprecating humour and peppy sound is well represented on the direct Let’s Do It. Catch them at The Shack in April.

– – – – –

Melissa Laveaux – Lè Ma Monte Chwal Mwen

Laveaux’s new album draws on Haitian folk and themes of US imperialism, drawn from her parental heritage. It’s musically rich with a beautiful vocal delivery. It’s taken from her upcoming album Radyo Siwèl which comes out in March.

– – – – –

The Dolce Vita – What Would Your Mother Say?

Punk vocals meet an almost psych-tinged band performance in this single from the East London group, who are set to release more music this Spring. Catch them at The Lock Tavern on 2nd March.

That’s all from me. Thanks for reading my rubbish. Catch you all soon, yeah? x

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