The Veldt ‘The Color Of Love Is Blue’

IT’S SNOWING!!! Well, it’s more like sleet now in London to be honest, but where I live in Beaconsfield we have had about 20cm of the good stuff settle on the ground. On the roads it has mostly turned into that gross grey slush that doesn’t feature on conventional Christmas cards, however there are still large swathes of untouched white carpet on areas with less traffic. I had been in Southampton for the most of the weekend, checking the weather report with alarming frequency in the hope that I hadn’t missed out on the fun, so getting off the train to be welcomed to inches of fresh powder was the Christmas miracle I had been hoping for all winter. The gradually inclining walk home was a little treacherous, but it was worth it for a good jump around (and an impromptu snowball fight with my boyfriend) – so much so, that we even invented the excuse of needing to take the recycling out just for another chance to walk around outside. I love how quiet the world is when it’s covered in snow. How insulating, how bitingly icy. How satisfying it is to claim an untouched piece for your own boot-print. How cosy you feel underneath blankets, watching big floury flakes fall past the window outside. It the perfect weather to listen to some hazey goodness, which is why I’m tuning into the latest single from shoegaze pioneers The Veldt, called ‘The Color Of Love Is Blue‘. Back with a new EP ‘Thanks To The Moth And The Areanna Rose’, the new single features dreamy indie guitar, swirling effects pedals, and soft vocals almost bordering on the operatic. Soft, soothing, and totally perfect for snowy days – enjoy.

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