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Followers of the Killing Moon Facebook page will have caught Demolition Day: Nick’s Hangover Edition last Friday. You can watch it back here or, if that’s not your “bag”, read on for a brief roundup of what’s on our radar at the moment.

This week we were joined by Magdalena Jensen​, CEO of Warsaw based music agency Chimes.

As ever, our choices can be found in the Killing Moon Demolition Day Spotify playlist, updated weekly.

Halo Maud – Du Pouvoir

Kicking things off was the new single from French artist Halo Maud, who recently signed with Heavenly. Slick production underpins sweetly refined pop hinting at slightly wavy Summer days, though French speakers may find a more finite meaning with the song’s title translating directly to “power”.

– – – – –

Strange Ranger – Warm

Every week we manage to mispronounce at least once artist; this week it was Strange Ranger, who are certainly not called Stranger Ranger. OOPS. Their no-nonsense low tempo songwriting won’t kickstart many parties but that suits me just fine. Lo-fi vocals sit warm like mulled wine and open fires.

– – – – –

Sometime Sonny – Like Everybody Else

Brisbane multi-instrumentalist Sometime Sonny caught himself struggling with the disappointment of a nine to five slog, and wrote this track on a train in response. Opinion was split on his slowly swirling psych sound; it’s certainly something we’ve heard a lot of recently. That said, I thought it was approached from a slightly novel angle and perhaps it would be lazy to write off as a mere Tame Impala clone. And, well, my opinion is the most important.

– – – – –

Moderate Rebels – When The Cost Has No Value

Mysterious anti-rock collective Moderate Rebels’ 2016 single God Sent Us was fantastically dark, droney and krautrock in flavour. This cut – from newly released debut album The Sound of Security – is something of a departure, with more of a songwriting focus; that said, I feel it still pedals a similar message: “A slow march towards death,” as summed up by Magdalena.

– – – – –

Anna Burch – Tea-Soaked Letter

Just as we opened with a new Heavenly signing – we’re damned well going to finish with one. Just like how Wish You Were Here is bookended by Shine On. Only, in this oddly specific analogy, we’ve skipped the pedestrian blues-rock bits in the middle and we’re not going to sue each other.

Tea-Soaked Letter is the latest gem of brilliant songwriting from Anna Burch, who now embarks on a long-overdue solo career following years of musical activity in and around Detroit. Long overdue indeed; we can’t wait for her debut album, due March 2018. Camera Obscura-esque vocals cake dense dreampop guitars and shimmering cymbals.

Tune in this Friday at 2pm for the next instalment of Demolition Day. And, if you’ve got something ripe we should hear, fire us an email at Ace.

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