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Demolition Day Roundup #2

Readers that follow Killing Moon on Facebook will no-doubt be aware of Demolition Day – our new weekly live stream, in which we pick apart a hearty selection of new and nearly new releases that are on our radar. It’s the next big thing, you know.

In the interests of “milking it”, we’ll be posting a roundup of the latest episode right here on Killing Moon every Monday. Here we are with our inaugural roundup of episode #2 from last week (you know… a bit like how Treehouse of Horror skipped season 1). Listen along with our Spotify playlist here.


Enamoured by their excellent choice of name, we kicked off with the new single from Southampton three-piece Mystic Peach. The band have recently played with psych royalty Syd Arthur, and you can hear why: it’s a slick production dripping with art-deco sheen. Strong vocals drench wet guitars in an almost Elephant-esque way.


Taking things in a slightly more esoteric direction, White Fever’s latest single Sands – taken from their EP Concrete – took on a filmic angle, with bold chords under a striking vocal worthy of a Hans Zimmer soundtrack. The track’s inception – the story of a girl trapped in her brother’s head – further fleshes out their cinematic credentials.


Barbudo take no prisoners in kicking off their latest single with possibly the most outrageous clav line since 1972. Blending soul and funk with a shoegaze, psych sound, the Havant band are unashamedly retro in their approach. The excellent video of this track is also worth a look.


The pseudonym of Charlotte Adigéry, Wwwater assumes a refreshingly minimalist angle: consciously, too, as a reaction to the information-heavy way that we live. Her latest single uses the space as a haunting canvas, richly punctuated with stacked vocals that are filtered, stretched, pitched. Headphones recommended.


As much as we liked Chicago-based NE-HI‘s newest single, this deep album cut from latest this year’s Offers caught our ears with masterfully stacked guitars mimicking angular vocals; it could nearly be Traams at points, with expertly administered adrenaline let loose atop motorik drums.

Tune in this Friday at 2pm for the next instalment of Demolition Day. And, if you’ve got something ripe we should hear, fire us an email at Ace.

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