The Shakers ‘Banana Tsunami’

Olivia here. I finally got round to watching Green Room this weekend, and I’m so glad I did. For those that aren’t familiar with the film, it’s about a punk band who agree to play to a crowd of neo-Nazi punks, and soon find themselves witnesses to a murder in the midst of a drug ring, and white supremacist cult. Locked backstage in the green room, the members of the band are surrounded by murderous skinheads who pick off each band member with every escape attempt they make. Pretty terrifying stuff, not least due to the copious amounts of blood and gore. Recently I’ve been watching a lot of horror films, which is kind of unusual for me. I’ve never liked the style of horror film that was popular in the 90’s and 00’s; torture flicks with a real sadistic streak like Saw are completely repulsive to me. However, the last few years had seen a resurgence of ‘intelligent’ horror, from sexually-transmitted-demon flick It Follows to Puritan freak show The Witch. It’s almost like the film world is returning to the horror heyday of the 1970’s. It’s not just film either; the music world is increasingly looking back to the disco decade for inspiration, as demonstrated by today’s Track Of The Day ‘Banana Tsunami‘, from South London five-piece The Shakers. With funk-laden grooves and jangly 70’s style guitar, it’s the reverb heavy synths that bring the track bang up to date. Laid back vocals add a slacker rock vibe to the mix – which should not be taken as an indication of apathy, as the song explores complex themes like the commercialisation of sexuality in modern culture. Danceable and just the right amount of retro, this track is sure to cement The Shakers’ status as a festival favourite this summer.

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