Marsicans ‘Friends’

Olivia here. I desperately need a haircut. Last summer I had it cut into a super short bob with a shaved undercut at the back, and it is now creeping up on my collarbones. My hair doesn’t just grow down however, it also grows out. I’m not necessarily looking to go much shorter, it’s just that my hair is so thick and heavy that, the more it grows, the more it pulls on my scalp, leaving it tender and sore. Most people with long hair will be aware of the tension headaches that occur as a result of wearing a ponytail too tight – well, it feels like that, except there is no ponytail. No discernible cause. No relief. So please, if there are any charitable hairdressers out there, please take pity on this tetchy, tenderheaded baby and give me a free haircut. Release my long suffering scalp from its hirsute enclave. Let me live again. Some relief can be gained from the latest release from Leeds band Marsicans, the jaunty and uplifting single ‘Friends‘. Beginning with choir-like vocal harmonies, the track launches into a guitar driven groove, with intricate finger-picking offset with overdriven chords, before arriving at the raucous and energetic chorus. A gentle breakdown resplendent in hazy reverb offers some respite from the strident sound world, before being rudely interrupted by a rousing final chorus. Essential listening for fans of Foals and Vampire Weekend, you can catch the band at this years CloseUp Festival on the 13th May. Enjoy.

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