“Soft Hands”

This is the sound of settling right here peeps. The stresses that have ensued very much since the very start (and a bit beforehand, if we’re totally honest which we guess we can only be on here on the rare occasion we actually end up writing on our own blog these days) of this year are beginning to subside and in doing so give credence to the notion that things inherently must get more difficult before they get easier. Or at least that’s true as far as we’re personally concerned. We guess that in tandem with the age-old phrase requiring to identify that there are problems when tasked with ultimately solving them in due course, awkward conversations with certain individuals ensue. But, yeah, there’s a happy ending. Things have fallen into place. We don’t have half the amount of stress-acne that we had back in January on our narrow face (at one point it look as if our body was genuinely trying to grow a second head located on our cheek, but of course everyone in the world was too polite to notice-notice it). This bastard SXSW trip has finally resolved itself, or at the very least has moved away from the position we were otherwise facing in terms of extracting a tangible value for the amount of money our company and the artists that we manage therein are spending on said-trip. So, when things are settled, we obviously want to hear and talk about things that are of course disruptive and disorderly. And we guess on that note presenting what is essentially two angry men shouting about things, professionally known as LILOBABES, seems like the timely thing to do. We, of course, no nothing about these guys beyond that they have released a song called Soft Hands which we’re further guessing as far as this band’s opening message to the world revolves around a key lyric being chucked around that says “we all want that comfortable life”. Political punks on the up? Possibly. Musical apathy wrapped into less-than-three-minutes simply for the sake of trying to make things a bit more interesting that British pop music currently permits for? Potentially as likely. Sounds fucking amazing to throw ya body around to for a little bit? Most definitely. If you’re free and looking for something cool to do in London on 23rd March, do us a solid and go see these guys live when they play Blondies in Clapton. Free entry as well. Up the punx, innit.

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