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Villager ‘July 24th’

Olivia here. I’m going to rant today about something I hate. Something I would absolutely put into Room 101 without hesitation. That thing is printers. I can’t stand them. They never work. I’ve spent far too many hours in my life trying to print out things, each time going in with a naive sense of optimism (surely this time it will work?), only for my hopes and dreams to be crushed by catastrophic technological ineptness, leaving me a whimpering foetal husk of human, curled up around the legs of my desk chair. The printer has no regard for deadlines, for library closing times, or for my state of mind. It is a callous and cruel master that has caused me no end of misery since my first encounter with its boxy Microsoft-beige ancestor. It astounds me, that whilst we have the ability to make computers tiny enough to fit into our pockets, we still have yet to make the humble printer work properly – we’ve even managed to print things in 3D before being able to print a word document without issue. Anyway, I’m feeling a little better now. That was cathartic. Now let’s have some cool new music in the form of a new single ‘July 24th‘ from San Fransisco based artist Villager, who has just released a wonderful little EP called ‘Interim‘. Featuring an intriguing pastiche of spoken word, samples, and acoustic guitar, this track plays like a collage; close up it is intricate and chaotic, yet when view from afar it comes together as a cohesive whole. Chant like vocals tie the track together as it ventures through acoustic and electronic spheres, taking the listener on a journey through different genres without ever feeling confused or disjointed. Similarly, the use of similar timbres and tones throughout the track furthers this sense of unity from chaos, something which is echoed throughout the entire EP. Essential listening from those recovering from a printer-induced heart attack. Enjoy.

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