Slumbers ‘Doboom Soom’

Olivia here. It was difficult to get out of bed this morning. Not because I wasn’t looking forward to my day, but because it was cold and cloudy and early (9 am is early to me okay). As much as I have tried to force myself into one of those morning lark types with multiple alarms, hot showers, and early nights, I never have and never will be a morning person. Naturally you would assume that makes me a night owl. Not so. Not in the sense of being the kind of person who enjoys parties and socialising – or at least I wasn’t until very recently, as the nature of my job means that I am frequently forced invited to go to gigs and parties. This has been a very good thing for me, and with every new social interaction my confidence in myself has tentatively grown in tiny increments. Soon I might even be an actual person. Imagine! Whilst things are getting better, there are still times when I would rather be at home curled up under a blanket in front of Bojack Horseman until Netflix snidely asks if I’m still watching (for the record, the answer is always yes). And that’s okay I think – and I’m certainly not alone, as demonstrated by New York three piece Slumbers, whose unique brand of self deprecating indie rock will speak to all girls and boys out there who are more modest moth than social butterfly. Their latest offering ‘Doboom Soom’ from their November EP ‘Come Over‘ does just that; with guitar, bass, and keyboard working in somehow harmonious counterpoint underneath a paired back vocal delivery that allows lines like ‘I hope you don’t mind/ I’m gonna go home and watch Adventure Time‘ to shine through a relatively muddy mix. The theme of social awkwardness is only enhanced by vocal harmony that is sometimes dissonant, sometimes sugary sweet. Listen to this track, and never feel bad about leaving the party early again. Trust me, you’re in good company.

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