Premiere: Alluri
“Evari Kosam”

Word. Olivia reporting for blogging duty. There’s no question that we are living in an increasingly globalised world. With the advent of the internet, it has become incredibly easy to share our lives with people who live thousands of miles away from us, and in return our interests have become more far-reaching than this tiny island will allow. Twenty years ago you would be hard-pressed to find Acai berries outside of health food shops. Asking for ‘kimchi’ at a restaurant would have resulted in a well-meaning ‘bless you’. Increasing globalisation has also led to a huge influx of musicians into Western playlists, especially from Asia – from the biggest hitmaker of 2012, South Korean idol Psy, to cute-core Japanese band Babymetal, our culture is being enriched by non-Western influencers. Now comes the turn of Alluri, the London-based newcomer who was born an raised in Hyderabad, India. It’s difficult not to fall in love with this artist – though to be fair I haven’t resisted at all. The first time I listened to his brand new track ‘Evari Kosam‘, I was hooked. With a simple yet effective melody sung in his native language, Telegu, (an intriguing language often referred to as ‘the Italian of the East), this song is indicative of Alluri‘s prowess as a songwriter, and whilst retaining an entirely unique narrative, is reminiscent of bands such as The National and Arcade Fire. Maybe a bit of that Gotye sentiment in Someone I Used To Know as well. Elegant piano flourishes and robust brass complement the fragility of his vocal, which combined with a driving rhythm section, makes for a track that is both emotive and uplifting.  The gorgeously shot pastel-hued video directed by Reema Sengupta (CATNIP) comes complete with English subtitles, however they are hardly needed to convey the emotion of this song – that is something that transcends language.

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