Interview: Prides

As many of our readership will know, we celebrated our fifth birthday at Killing Moon a couple of weeks ago, and boy did we celebrate in style. Alongside artists Remi Miles, Annabel Allum, and Glaswegian power-pop trio Prides (who recently made history as the first band to play the mainstage at T in the Park’s new Strathallen home), and with DJ sets from BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart and Abbie McCarthy of BBC Introducing, we danced the night away at Camden hotspot Koko. After the hangovers subsided we caught up with Prides front man Stewart Brock.



KM: Thank you for coming to our birthday party. Did you enjoy the show?

S: Absolutely! It’s been a little while since we played so it was fun to get back out there, plus Koko has to be one of my favourite venues in the world.

KM: In a way, you’ve grown up as a band alongside Killing Moon. How have the last 5 years been for you?

S: That’s absolutely true! And it’s been great to have support from KM from the beginning. The last 5 years have been bizarre. They’ve flown, and I feel very blessed to have been able to do some of the things that we’ve been able to.


KM: It was a pretty busy weekend for you – Camden, Devon, and Glasgow in the space of three days. How do you unwind in between shows if you get a chance to at all?

S: Usually on a long drive! We’ve got an amazing tour crew, we’re all good pals, so usually we get on the road, turn up the tunes, and mock each other mercilessly.

KM: Your new single Rome has just been released and you’ve described it in previous interviews as ‘ a plea to a lover to stay, to try, to forgive, to work towards something bigger and better.” Tell us about the inspiration behind the song.

S: Well we’re working on new material all the time, and it was a track that seemed to bridge the gap between our debut album and the kind of material we’re working on for the follow up, so we wanted to get it out to people. It’s still got a bit of an 80’s influence, but it’s a little more guitar driven, a little more raucous. It’s great fun to play live.


KM: The thing about this track that really stands out is the percussion. Did you set out to experiment with rhythm when you began the writing process or did that come about later?

S: It was the very first thing we worked on. I really wanted a song with a quarter note triplet beat, worked that out and couldn’t get much further. Luckily Callum took over and started working on the music, and it really came together. We like to push ourselves and try new things; this is definitely one of those times.

KM: Like you said, ‘Rome’ still has that 80’s influence that has become synonymous with Prides. Are there any artists that you are particularly inspired by at the moment?

S: Much like everyone else I’m obsessed with Christine & the Queens just now, and still haven’t been able to stop listening to M83’s ‘Junk’.

 KM: It’s been an eventful 5 years for both Prides and Killing Moon. Where do you hope to be in 5 years time?

S: Hopefully we’ll have fallen out by then and will be travelling on separate tour buses. That’s what all the best bands do.

‘Rome’ is out now.





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