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Bad Family

Tech difficulties plague our fucking life at the moment. You gotta watch out for the literal and metaphorical cables you see. Shit can come loose. Take this office computer that we’ve been working off for the last 4 years or so (a duration of time we now understand to be considered good innings as far as a reliable computer is concerned, especially considering our track record of somehow managing to blitz our way through an average of one laptop per year. Although the last one was actually stolen and subsequently sold off for pub money, so bear that in mind. And please don’t ask how we know that). Sometimes, it likes to run programs in the background that we didn’t even know existed or indeed what the function thereof is. It slows everything the fuck down. We curse. We swear. Then we remember that we can just switch it off and everything returns to normal.  Same thing is happening with this site at the moment; in contrast to the digital obstacles that we’re used to, the degree of tech-savvyness required to do literally anything on this space is far beyond our personal mental capacity. We have summoned the experts, who are summoning even more. Guess we’ve always been exceptional in this context. Thankfully things haven’t descended into total melt-down, which we are grateful for – doubly-so, in fact, otherwise we might not be able to write about new guys Bad Family until way later than we would have liked. Crash-bang-walloping into our inbox sometime just before midnight last night – ironically, we found ourselves working at that time despite also finding ourselves preaching to the ostensible choir about how important it is to not work literally all the fucking time – we feel that Bad Family are providing that injection of songwriting brilliance into pop music that positively draws us away from the synth-led indoctrination that we’ve subjected ourselves to lately. Not that we hate it. Just for now we’ve had enough of it. We’re starting to feel the same way towards Burger King, given our dietary habits have recently reached an all-time low following Brexshit. So. Bad bloody Family. They’re based in Brighton, which much like the Berlin-based Track Of The Day people featured yesterday means geographically we like the immediately. Despite the ambition levied by Real Fast Car into the pop space we believe it intends to occupy, it is by no means difficult to find oneself getting fully behind the sentiment of the lyricism or indeed the composition itself. Which is Killing Moon-speak for “it is catchy”. There’s a songwriting aesthetic that lends itself to what we like to call Bond Villain Music that we fantasize is portrayed by the likes of Anna Calvi and The Last Shadow Puppets – and we suppose it would be rather convenient to draw comparisons between Bad Family‘s vocal styling to Alex Turner, but honestly that would likely detract from the utter unique nature of the track overall. Quite simple a beautiful debut.

Bad Family – Real Fast Car

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