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Saint Clair
“Heavy On My Heart”

Saint Clair

We’re a bit fucking sad at the moment peeps, and very much on the wrong side of long nights. Deflated is probably the most accurate description for our present situation right this minute. Given that we spend the large majority of our time being plugged into various social media sites, which we will collectively refer to from this point onwards at The Matrix, it’s a little difficult to ignore what is currently being perceived as one of the biggest deals and/or problems of our ostensible generation. Or several of them, rather. Since we’ve been back, we’ve managed to engage in a cold war with certain people whom at one point we considered close friends – in fact this is not an isolated incident as far as the last few months are concerned, and we find it much more difficult standing up to our friends when we feel they have crossed the proverbial line than flinging casual insults at people we don’t really give two shits about from behind the safety of a computer or iPhone screen – and seemingly witness the ongoing end of life as we at least know it, whether it be attributable to fights around something we largely understood to be a game, or trying to understand why people are so readily and willingly able to fall in line with ongoing mob culture, in an environment where facts, opinions and human selfishness become one and the same thing. It’s as if there is no distinction between right and wrong anymore, or fact and fiction, and everyone is just trying to take what they can get whilst they’re still able to take. The worst realisation is that we seem to be playing our part in this regard, which has neatly knocked us off the moral high horse we typically think we’re riding all the time. We can feel ourselves becoming colder as a result; perhaps lending ourselves too much to objectivity and self-righteousness in an attempt to make some fucking sense of what is going on. This might otherwise be described as growing up; in which case, growing up is a bit shit. Anyway, we’re at least in one way super glad in this context to hear this extremely on-point effort from new London dazzler Saint Clair, a Track Of The Day aptly-entitled Heavy On My Heart, which is released on a delightfully named label called Wunderkind, which is apparently something to do with Plan B. Ms Clair also speaks French, according to this-here press release. Diversity is bloody great isn’t it? Particularly when it results in something like this. She also rolls deep in the live unit backing up Laura Marling these days, and in terms of the track itself we’re getting a rousing mixture of the pop-songwriting craft of One Republic mixed with the musical melodies of Kwabs and indeed KM alumni Ms. D, as well as the emotive nature of Lapsley‘s Hurt Me.  Anyway, it’s down there below if you wanna enjoy it too. Back to work with us. At least that’s one thing we’re involved with that we can do something about these days, it seems.

Saint Clair – Heavy On My Heart

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