“Out Of The Dark”


Coming back to Killing Moon today – bearing in mind that with the miracle of modern technology, we don’t actually have to be in the office these days to be in the office, nor do we have to be on vacation to stop people from feeling possessive over us and ours – felt like being John Cusack’s character in that film where he’s an air traffic controller and reckons he’s the absolute bee’s knees at that, then Billy Bob Thornton shows him up to be pretty average until he becomes “one” with the planes by standing on the runway like a total gimp-child and gets caught/thrown about in a jet plane’s slipstream. Yeah, we all remember that film right? The scary thing is this realisation that we’re now at the point where we have to make very quick and often not-fully-informed decisions on various people’s behalves on a very daily basis; what is even scarier is our seeming willingness to actually do just that. We’ve changed. Has Primavera changed us? Perhaps. What the annual gathering of Pitchfork-approved pop’n’indie has certainly done has numb us to certain flagbearers of the genre. Well thank the music gods that Chris Chadwick happened to be walking past our general area of the office when we were sizing up current Track Of The Day guy Memoryy and subsequently threw some proverbial shapes to it, lest this guy might have fallen foul of our aforementioned genre numbness. Let’s get into some vital stats. Memoryy is based in New York, which as we all know is where electro-pop dreams come true, but in fact hails from Alberquerque. Hot dog, jumping frog, etc. That one. We’ve never written about someone from that neck of those woods, so there you go. It appears that our boy Memoryy has been putting out releases hither and thither for the last few years, and we guess Out Of The Dark is his most recent effort. For you Future Islands-via-Washed Out-via-Crystal Castles kicks, holler at ya boy. T-minus one year until he plays Primavera, we betcha.

Memoryy – Out Of The Dark

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