“Dig You Up”


We very nearly didn’t get round to/bother writing this up today. Not because we didn’t want to, and certainly not because you didn’t want us to. More likely is the case that we are finding ourselves permanently subdued by a great deal of (usually other people’s) shit that we are admittedly struggling to stay on top of anything these days. We suppose that’s why we end up employing people to fulfill certain business functions on our behalf; although in a half-flattering half-kinda infuriating way, this doesn’t seem to stop a lot of people only accepting communications from our ostensible end from yours truly. Enabling people to do your shit for you is one tough cookie, kids. Still, not having a lot of time on your hands has its intermittent benefits. For example, whilst typing this up we are also gorging on a Burger King which, contrary to popular belief (or indeed that of our well-exercised girlfriend who delights in taking the piss out of our now-bass guitar-shaped body, who just happened to walk past the dispensing venue as we were exiting) is our first in at least a month. In our own way, we suppose this is our way of getting beach-body-ready for the upcoming annual excursion to the city of beautiful people pka Barcelona. Speaking about personal choices of diets, we suppose that’s a good entry point to talk about current Track Of The Day people meals. They are cool. Very cool indeed. The sorts of cool people that would insist on their name being relayed in music press in the entire lowercase (we imagine, we haven’t actually asked them). The kind of band that reckon it is absolutely fine to done your Virgin Media work civvies in a press shot, only to THEN max it out on the tie-dye colour effects. The sort of people who have this track surfacing via much cooler blogs than our own and manage to nab airplay via BBC Introducing In Devon before anyone else has a chance to lay claim to their discovery. That’s meals for ya. This no-fucks-given kind of blazé vibe emanating from the three-piece (whom we’re guessing are from Devon given how fucking particular the Beeb are about such things these days) receives further consolidation from the music they make, which is right this minute limited to a mere two online offerings and so we have included more-recent and way-more-rough-around-the-production-edges (perhaps intentionally) effort Running Out (Fruitless) below for good measure. It’s Pavement. For more recent and bloggish contemporaries, it reminds us a lot of KM faves American Clay and Pawws. For nostalgic props, we’ll also throw a prop to the greatest band that never really was as far as this genre is concerned, namely Little Death. So quite frankly, there is a lot we dig about this crew.

meals – Dig You Up

meals – Running Out (Fruitless)

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