Today is naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat easy is it? A fair amount of people – including most of our own staff, apart from Intern Matt because Intern Matt ain’t no pussy (and also spent most of last week on holibob in Rome last week) – seem to be incommunicado due to the latent effect of being a bit fucked from Great Escape still. We’re a little bit ill (a cold, specfically) no doubt due to the influx of different people from various nooks and crannies in the UK and indeed beyond into one musical melting pot of joy for a few days, but we don’t think we managed to get fucked up. Not like we used to. That is to say, whilst we intermittently drank all the free booze which is really the point of the annual jaunt to Brighton rather than any sort of benevolent musical discovery mission (thing is, you need to have been discovered first in order to play the discovery festivals these days), we managed to stick to at least one part of our becoming-an-adult mission on this occasion by completing the Brighton-London commute several times over for the duration. We also managed to do the vast majority of all the things that we set out to do, although we did manage to completely miss a BMI luncheon that a real nice guy called Simon Aldridge invited us down to about a week in advance, and we are sorry for that. Even better news in that we participated in our first Great Escape panel, specifically speaking on issues relating to the regulation of mental health throughout the wider music industry – which as you can imagine, we have lots to say on the subject, although it is anyone’s guess whether we in fact did when the appropriate time came and subsequently went. The best news is that we’re going on our other-annual adventure to Barcelona next week, in what we are now describing as Primavera’s bum-rush year. You know what we mean. The coolness of certain musical brands/events is directly and inversely proportional to the popularity and attendance therein of the event in question. We were there when this happened to Bestival. God, we sound fucking old right now huh? Anyway, the sun-drenched atmosphere and carefree Barcelonian lifestyle is really what we’re in this for. It’s a prog-life, that’s for sure. We suppose that current Track Of The Day people RADIDAS couldn’t have arrived at a more appropriate time, given these circumstances – California indeed has a characteristic sun-drenched quality to it, and indeed seems to be the track from the Kent duo’s debut EP that is pricking up the appropriate ears hither and thither. Quite frankly, we’re surprised that someone else hadn’t already procured the now-seemingly-obvious punnery that RADIDAS‘ chosen nomenclature permits – particularly in this day and age where such things are burgeoning on the commonplace when it comes to new artists especially. Then again, as one wise and more-bearded-than-anything-else booking agent that we happen to work with (wuddup Kris. We did see you at Great Escape and indeed we waved back, but we are very sorry we didn’t come over to say hello properly) said to us quite recently, all band names are by default shit until they start getting somewhere. Well, we reckon RADIDAS are getting somewhere, and to that effect are greatly aided by the Tame Impala via Temples via Grizzly Bear tones in the fabric of their respective framework. Quite frankly we’re finding it hard to believe a mere twosome is capable of producing such a broad sound, but then again what do we really know at all.

RADIDAS – California

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