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“Hanging From The Ceiling”

The Velveteins

“Right now, there’s not a lot of point doing anything. The whole world has fucked off to the Ivor Novello’s. Or The Great Escape. Or worse – both”. That was the most recent update delivered to us this afternoon via a prospective business partner this afternoon, the capacity of which shall remain top secret until we can sort said-secret shit out in the contractual context. And by gosh isn’t she correct. The Great Escape has arrived in such an abrupt way this week that to say that we’re under-prepared would be the understatement of year. That is to say, in respect of seeing any bands or indeed anybody that we don’t have a pre-existing business interest in, we are going to get fuck-all done. Whilst that sounds all very lah-dee-dah for a collective of individuals that make themselves out to be so fucking down-to-earth all the time, that’s honestly all we seemingly have time to do. With that in mind, we have already made certain declarations to certain people that we are not staying in Brighton this year given that we realise we have this annual habit of, well, getting fucked up pretty much every time we cruise through. So for every beer you lot have, we will have a delicious diet coke. It is also entirely possible we will just not go at all on the Saturday due to lack of fuck-giving. So there you go. Our schedule for you all to imbibe. Let’s listen to The Velveteins whilst that all sinks in your excitable brains, and our current Track Of The Day as purveyed by them called Hanging From The Ceiling. They are a band from Edmonton. That’s in Canada. We have been talking about and hanging out with a lot of Canadians recently in various capacities. We were dossing about in their UK embassy just yesterday in fact. There were, unsurprisingly, Canadians of all shapes and sizes there and they all seemed to know Ben Soep quite well. So we not only got to hear about The Velveteins from a number of contemporaneous sources there and then, but also they seem to be playing our upcoming live collab with Abbie McCarthy at The Islington on 26th May. Other bands are playing too, which is nice. Nice. Little. Plug. There. So what is this lot all about? We don’t really know, so we’ll concentrate on the music bit so we can finally get the fuck out of this office and try to sort our life out before hell is unleashed on Brighton tomorrow. There are lighter Arctic Monkeys moments here – as if Alex Turner’s dream had indeed been realised and he was actually alive in the 1950’s. Then there are the dizzier classic rock situations that leave us reminded of sproggy points of Led Zeppelin and perhaps a bit of White Denim. It is interesting. Therefore, be interested. Catch you in B-town, maybe.

The Velveteins – Hanging From The Ceiling

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