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This weekend we remembered that we own a car. Well, actually we’re not sure if we own it. We did some weird car-swapping action about a week or two before our actual-real-life-bro (he is also the other kind of bro, but there’s the matter of blood to consider there too) which meant our big-ass Renault Megane sailed off in the direction of Austria with real-life-bro and now presumably is the pet of an Austrian metallurgy type at this point in time; but we had a rather impressive new vehicle in our general possession which resulted a string of compliments from people ranging to our own girlfriend to people we work with in various capacities who understandably appropriated the arrival of this relatively modern-looking machine as a sign that we were moving up in the world. We guess we just got lucky, as we so often do in those instances. Anyway, upon re-discovering that we indeed sort-of own a car, and more to the point that we can use it for more than just work, this weekend resulted in a trip to….Poole. And all of the waterslides that Poole has to offer. There were many. Our favourite was one called “Infinity” whereby you are sent down a blacked-out flume and then emerge into some kinda fucked-up disco whirlpool, eventually spinning centrifugingly towards the centre at which point you drop into a massive vat of water for all and sundry to laugh and gawp at. Which we guess, having just written that down for the first time, seems a bit like being shat out. And perhaps one of the reasons we have such an affinity for, uh, Infinity is because lately we have been feeling like we’ve been on that ride for a very long time. Huh. Anyway, feeling a tad lighter today as a result and we’re in the mood for something suitably vibing to compliment our semi-boisterous outlook on shit right this minute. A friend conveniently recommended checking out Canadian sass-pot L.A. Foster, and here we are. The L.A. bit stands for Lesley Ann, and she is from Montreal, which is all very cool indeed. By way of background, it appears that Lesley has been hob-nobbing with a number of buzzy artists and/or producers from the aforementioned areas – names like Mozart’s Sister and more recently Young Galaxy are mentioned on various social media – and the end result of several years’ worth of collaborations is our present-day embodiment. Other recent activities include a present trip over to the British Isles for a number of showcase style…showcases, such as Focus Wales and the upcoming Great Escape Festival (according to our buddy who recommended Lesley in the first place). So, seeing as the known universe is due to descend upon Brighton in the next few days, best get to know innit. References wise, we’ll liken this to a spicy mix concocted of slices of Santigold, Blood Orange and Salt Cathedral all delivered in a very R’n’B shaped glass.

L.A. Foster –  495

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